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Taking Precautions With Touring Caravan Insurance

After perhaps spending a significant amount of money on a touring caravan, you may need to be prepared to spend a little more than you may have expected on touring caravan insurance.

The initial temptation, perhaps understandably, may be to try and economise on your touring caravan cover and just opt for the cheapest caravan insurance available, regardless of the cover it provides.

An alternative approach, however, may be to consider what you yourself can do to help keep your caravan safer. You may find that if you take common sense steps to reduce the risks to your caravan, then these may be rewarded with more attractive issuance premiums.

Security is everything

The very mobility of your touring caravan can be one of its greatest assets and disadvantages. Caravans are at danger both of being stolen and of being burgled.

There are obviously steps that your can take to help keep your caravan and its contents as safe as possible.

These may include:

  • fitting security alarms and making sure that doors and windows can be securely locked;
  • trying to avoid keeping very valuable items in your caravan and if you have to, making sure that the upper limit of your caravan contents insurance is appropriate.

Some touring caravan insurance policies may also require that your caravan is equipped with both a hitchlock and a wheel clamp. The policy may even go one step further and stipulate that:

  • the hitchlock must be in place whenever the caravan is left attached to an unattended vehicle;
  • if the caravan is not attached to your vehicle then a wheel clamp must be fitted as well.

Don’t forget about your awning

Awnings can be an important and obviously very useful addition to the living space of any touring caravan. It may be important to bear in mind though that:

  • your awning is more at risk from storm damage than your caravan itself. You may find, therefore, that you may be required to take the precaution of stowing your awning away whenever you leave your caravan;
  • however tempting it may be to use your awning as perhaps much needed storage space, by its very nature, it is not a secure area. You may therefore find that awning contents are specifically excluded from many policies insurance for touring caravans, or have specific terms and conditions attached to them.

Over the winter

When your caravan is not in use over the winter months you may wish to consider storing it in a recognised CaSSOA site (which may attract caravan insurance discounts from your provider) or at least parking it up on your driveway or in a garage rather than leaving it on the public highway.

Making sure that all water systems are drained down is typically also a good safety first step   if not already obligatory as part of your cover.

Taking precautionary measures can help reduce the risk of something happening to your caravan resulting in a claim on your touring caravan insurance. So this is good news for both you and for your insurance company.

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