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The cover provided by the cheapest touring caravan insurance

Your natural inclination, particularly when times may be tight, may be to look for the cheapest touring caravan insurance. You may wish to exercise a little caution though:

  • it may be sensible to bear in mind though that there may be a balance to be found between the cost of a policy and the tourer cover that it may provide;
  • getting this balance right may provide you with a more appropriate level of cover in the longer term than may be the case if you rely on just price alone;
  • for example, if you regularly take your caravan to the continent then a policy hailed as the cheapest caravan insurance but which did not provide you with continental cover, may not be of interest to you;
  • there may be certain levels of cover that you may need to have before you would consider purchasing a particular policy, no matter how cheap it is;
  • what you may consider to be the cheapest touring caravan insurance may provide you with cover that you may consider essential but which another caravanner may not need – so that particular policy may not appear cheap to them;
  • another area where policies may differ is in how they would handle new for old replacement of your tourer if it was written off – some policies may offer a new replacement for tourers up to 5 years old provided you have been the only owner or up to 3 years of age if your caravan has had other owners  – other policies may not be so generous;
  • paying more for the caravan cover you think essential to your peace of mind does not necessarily mean just paying out no matter what the cost;
  • quotes from providers of insurance for caravans online may be able to allow you to compare policies offering the cover you need  – you may then be able to identify opportunities where discounts may be available and this may help you to find more cost-attractive cover;
  • getting the balance right and finding the cheapest touring caravan insurance may be as simple as just taking a bit of time, deciding what is important to you and knowing where to look.