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Tips on buying static caravan insurance

Having a static caravan is, for many people, a dream as well as a substantial investment.

That investment and dream could both be at risk though unless you have appropriate static caravan insurance.

In one sense, buying this type of cover is easy. Buying cover that’s suitable though is entirely different.

So, here are some top tips on the subject:

  • don’t get confused over insurance types! Static and towed caravan insurance are two quite different genres of policy and they’re not interchangeable;
  • ditto for static and park home cover. A static caravan is one you occupy for typically a few weeks each year when on holiday or for other recreational purposes. It is not a caravan-type dwelling where you live permanently, which would typically be called and insured as a ‘park home’;
  • if you plan to let others use your caravan for holiday purposes and are charging for that, your use of your static is no longer defined as ‘personal recreation’. There is a significant legal and insurance difference between letting someone use your caravan as a favour (e.g. a family member) and letting it out for holiday purposes and income generation. In order to keep continuity of cover and protect your interests, please discuss any such plans with your insurance provider before you start;
  • some policies may require you to empty your static of major furnishing items during the closed season. Be clear if that’s the case with a policy you’re considering and whether or not you could comply;
  • look carefully at the ‘new for old’ replacement provisions. Some policies might offer that irrespective of whether or not you purchased the caravan from new but some may not do so if there have been previous owners before your purchase;
  • it’s always a good idea to have a hefty sum for liability insurance cover. If somebody’s injured by your static and they believe it to be due to your negligence then they may sue. If they win, the awards against you could be staggeringly high;
  • if you’re a member of a recognised caravan club, then it might make sense to look for a policy provider who will recognise that through discounts. Why discounts? It’s because some insurers will interpret your club membership as a sign of responsibility on your part and as a result, a lower chance of problems and claims arising;
  • read any exclusions carefully as well as associated conditions. For example, some policies may require that your site is supervised 24x7x365. That’s fine if your site is so supervised but if it shuts in winter, you may find you’re in breach of your policy’s conditions and that might put your cover at risk;
  • it’s worth checking for discounts for the use of security equipment too. Some policies may stipulate certain mandatory security requirements such as the use of alarms but not all will offer discounts if you use other voluntary security upgrades.

Finally, remember that in most cases you are not obliged to buy the static insurance offered by your site owner. You are free to shop around and get your own cover. The site owner may ask for sight of your policy (and charge a small administration fee), but overall, you could still pay a lot less overall for your static home cover.

If you’re someone who’s not fully comfortable with insurance principles, someone who is experienced with caravan insurance will usually be only too happy to talk you through the basics you need to think about.

Above all – don’t hesitate to ask questions!