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Top 5 tips on finding the most suitable cover for your caravan

At Cover4Caravans, our mission is to help you find cost-effective and suitable cover.

Here are a few tips that we would like to share with you relating to caravan insurance reviews:

1. of course, price is always going to be important. Nevertheless, try to balance this off to some extent against the cover being provided by a policy. If you ever need to make a claim, you will be looking very closely at the cover details and not how much the policy has cost. It therefore makes sense to adopt that approach from day one and before you actually choose the policy to begin with;

2. look at the totality of the cover provided. For example, some policy advertisements may contain prominent headline good news items but some of the detail of the policy may be rather less satisfactory. It is necessary to look at that fine detail before you will be able to decide whether the policy is right for you;

3. think about specialisation. Some organisations offer insurance for every conceivable requirement, which is fine, but they may struggle to display the in-depth knowledge of caravans that might be required in order to find you suitable cover. That might only come from people who specialise in caravan insurance;

4. don’t become stuck in a rut. It is easy to slip into the comfortable familiarity of simply renewing your existing policy each year. The trouble with that approach is that the market changes regularly and what might have been a good deal for you when you selected your existing policy, might now have been significantly superseded by better options in the marketplace. If you simply automatically renew each year, then you may never be aware that those opportunities exist;

5. look carefully for discount opportunities. There are many potential areas where this may be available through some policies but some insurance providers may be rather more forthcoming in this respect than others.

Perhaps the common theme in the above points is that of taking your caravan insurance seriously.

If you make a little effort in this area, you may end up with cover that provides you with greater peace of mind and at a more cost-effective price. Of course, if you prefer, you are always more than welcome to get in touch – we will be very happy to help!