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Top tips on saving money on your caravan insurance

At Cover4Caravans, we understand how many of you are looking for ways to manage down your costs.

That is perfectly understandable and it applies, of course, to caravan insurance as much as anything.

We are and always have been, firmly committed to providing our customers with suitable and what we consider is highly cost-attractive insurance deals but some components of your cost base might actually be under your control. That’s why we are offering here some of our top tips on things you can do that may help you to keep your cost of insurance down.

Consider taking a higher voluntary excess

This essentially means that you will simply volunteer to pay a slightly higher sum towards the cost of any future claims than the policy typically will oblige you to.

In such situations, the policy provider may well offer a reduced premium as a result.

Ask for advice on security discount options

Some providers may recognise your use of enhanced security devices through discounts on the premium.

It is the case that some touring caravan insurance might make certain conditions obligatory in this respect. However, if you take further steps on a voluntary basis, these might in some cases result in further discounts.

Investigate options for secure caravan storage during the winter

Wintertime is a particularly dangerous period for caravans. You only have to think about the storms that have swept the UK in recent years to see the truth of that!

Therefore, if you are able to secure your caravan out of harm’s way during the closed season, once again you may see a further discount on your caravan premium.

We offer discounts for touring caravans stored at CaSSOA-approved sites.

Review the cover levels for both your caravan and its contents

It is not unusual to see cases where owners have either over or underinsured their caravan.

It is worth making sure that your maximum cover levels are not unrealistically high (or low!) even if you need to ask for assistance in reaching an accurate estimate.

However, we would advise against over-reacting here and simply reducing reasonable cover levels simply to try and save relatively modest sums on your caravan insurance. You might regret it if something went wrong and you needed to make a claim.

Do something about high-risk components associated with your caravan and its cover

At its heart, caravan assurance and the price you pay for it is closely related to the policy provider’s perceptions of the risks they are taking.

If you are currently doing something with your caravan that an insurance provider considers to be a high risk, then typically the premium will increase – if all other things are equal. It therefore follows that anything you do to remove those risky behaviours may result in a reduction in your premium.

An example of this might be if you unhitch and a park your caravan on the public road outside your property.

Some policies might actually prohibit that and those that do cover it may increase their premiums accordingly. By making sure that your touring caravan is never unhitched, unless it is on either an approved site or your own property, you may be able to reduce your costs.

Speak to us

Here we have only briefly touched on some of the options that might be open to you.

Why not contact us today on 0800 9707 172 for a further discussion – and one that is more specific to your unique circumstances? We’d love to hear from you!