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Touring caravan insurance money saving tips

Your touring caravan might be the pride and joy of you and your family – a prized possession which gives you many exciting holidays throughout the year and one which deserves the adequate and effective protection of suitable insurance.

You might quite properly give your touring caravan insurance a high priority, but that does not mean overlooking the opportunities for saving money on its cost.

Here, then, are a few money saving tips:

Choose your broker

  • it might prove quite an involved and complicated question deciding the cover you need for your particular make, model and age of touring caravan and the use to which it is put;
  • to complicate things still further, there is a wide array of insurers all apparently competing for your business and offering broad range of products to do so;
  • an experienced broker – such as ourselves here at Cover4Caravans – may be in the best position to make the closest match between your particular, individual needs and the products available in this niche of the insurance market;
  • we may help to identify insurance products which you might not otherwise find for yourself – and, into the bargain, help you to save money on the price of the premiums;

Club membership

  • your membership of a caravan club helps to show that you are a responsible caravan owner, sharing the ideals of your fellow caravanners;

Security and safe storage

  • insurers are taking on the risk of loss or damage to your touring caravan and its contents;
  • the more you are able to mitigate those risks, the fewer are there for the insurer to cover, and so a reduced rate of premiums may be charged;
  • you may help to reduce those risks by improving the overall security of your caravan by improving the standard of locks on doors and windows, by installing intruder alarms and smoke detectors;
  • the winter time, or other period when it is not in regular use, may leave your touring caravan especially vulnerable to risks of loss or damage, particularly from theft and vandalism;
  • these risks are likely to be apparent if the caravan is left for long periods of time in the driveway of your home and may become even more acute if your caravan is parked some way away, in the corner of a farmer’s field, for instance;
  • CaSSOA storage sites all meet established standards of security for the safe storage of your touring caravan out of season and the sites are graded according to the particular level of security maintained.

By taking on board some of these tips and suggestions you may be able to secure suitable protection for the pride and joy of your family’s holiday life, whilst enjoying the benefits of money saved on the cost of insurance.

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