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Where Can I Store My Touring Caravan?

Cover4Caravans have a very open and flexible approach to where we will allow you to store your Touring Caravan.

Our Touring Caravan Insurance Companies have allowed us to decide upon the risk we wish to underwrite using our extensive knowledge to decide if the storage site is acceptable to us.

It is very important that you tell us if move your Touring Caravan storage site during the period of Touring Caravan Insurance as it is a condition of all our policies that we must be aware of the storage site address to avoid any issues in the event of a claim against your Touring Caravan Insurance.

We generally categorise storage locations into the following headers: –

  • Home Storage (must be on your driveway not on the public road)
  • CaSSOA Site Storage
  • Non Working Farms
  • Working Farms
  • Other including dedicated storage sites

We will always ask additional questions to allow us to assess the risk correctly and these may include: –

  • Is there CCTV?
  • How many other Caravans are stored?
  • Is there a dedicated storage area?
  • Is there perimeter fencing?
  • Is there a security guard on site?

The more information you can supply us with then the more likely we are to agree the storage location.

We will also accept storage at family members properties but generally it will need to be immediate family who live near your own home address.

Cover4Caravans are experts in Touring Caravan Insurance and all we ask is that you provide us with honest and accurate information so we can provide you with an accurate and fair Touring Caravan Insurance quotation.