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Why Compare Touring Caravan Insurance?

Even if you have been a caravanner for a number of years and had no real complaints about your current insurance deal, you may still find it worthwhile to compare touring caravan insurance.

That’s because nothing ever stays entirely the same.

As an example, over the years you may have:

  • changed your caravan – you may have sold it or spent money refurbishing it;
  • changed how and where you use your caravan;
  • moved house or moved the storage location of your ‘van.

These are three of very many changes that may have happened over the years, any of which may have a bearing on your caravan insurance. So taking a couple of minutes to compare touring caravan insurance to keep up to date with general trends may make sense.

For example:

  • If you have changed your caravan, then you may have opted for a better model with a higher standard of fixtures and fittings.

Equally though you may have downsized to a smaller caravan. In either circumstance you may need to check your insurance levels for value of the caravan and the type of contents cover that you have to make sure they still make sense for you (if fact, changing your caravan without changing your policy may invalidate your policy entirely).

  • if you have more time to yourself these days, then you may take longer holidays than previously and venture further afield. Does your existing policy still offer value in terms of cover outside of the UK? Are your annual estimates for days abroad and mileage still accurate?
  • if you have moved house, you may now be able to park your tourer in your driveway rather than leave it parked on the street. If your caravan is being kept in a more secure location when not in use, you could see a reduction in your insurance for touring caravans premium;
  • you may have improved the security of your caravan by fitting a tracking device and possibly an alarm system. These changes may all result in lower premiums (If you compare insurance for touring caravans, you may find that some policies actually insist on some types of security as mandatory, such as the use of wheel clamps and hitchlocks in certain circumstances).
  • if you are on a touring holiday in your caravan and break down, you potentially have not only lost your means of transport, you may also have lost your holiday accommodation too. When you compare touring caravan insurance, you may wish to review the provision of your current policy for these circumstances against what may be available elsewhere.

These are just a few examples of circumstances where having a look at what insurance for touring caravans may be on offer from other suppliers, may pay dividends.

To compare touring caravan insurance may not take you very long at all. You may wish you had done it a bit sooner!

Alternatively, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be very happy to help.