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Why use awnings?

Even the most ardent caravanner may at times find it hard to deny that any typical caravan, be it tourer, static or motorhome, might at times be a little short of space.

Admitting that space may be an issue though is not the same as saying that nothing can be done about it or that you should just accept cramped living conditions as part and parcel of your caravanning holiday.

Also, the lighter your caravan, the easier it is to tow up hills etc.

One obvious solution therefore is to invest in an awning for your caravan.

These days, awnings come in all shapes and sizes and typically consist of a steel or aluminium framework over which a waterproof cover is stretched.  They can no longer be looked on as being just a glorified tent.

They come with windows and zippable doors and can easily be fitted on to your caravan structure. You may find that your awning can double the living space your caravan provides and might be a more cost effective and flexible way of increasing your living space than buying a bigger caravan would be.

All of this utility obviously does come at a cost though and that is why it may be sensible to ensure that your investment in additional living space is adequately insured.

The problem is that not all caravan insurance providers may offer cover for awnings at all and you’ll typically find that those that do might attach specific terms and conditions to their cover.

It may be sensible therefore, when looking at caravan insurance, to compare what provision is or is not made.  At Cover4Caravans for example, our policies typically have a separate listing on your policy schedule relating to your awning.

This is needed because while it may, of course, be very tempting to regard the additional space that an awning provides as just another part of your caravan, it is a separate and less secure structure.

You might wish to keep in mind therefore that even the most sophisticated awnings may be easy prey for thieves and that there may be very specific conditions laid out in your policy document, including:

  • the contents of your awning, apart perhaps for garden type tables and chairs, not being covered at all;
  • storm damage to the awning only being covered if you are present at the time that it happens.

It may simply be just plain common sense to get into the habit of not keeping any valuables under the awning and of stowing it away when you are not actually present at the caravan itself.

An awning can be an invaluable extension to your living accommodation and may be particularly appreciated on UK caravan holidays when the unpredictable weather, even in summer, might mean that enjoying the great outdoors isn’t always an option (not if you want to stay dry anyway).