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Your questions on the best touring caravan insurance

Here you will find some of the classic questions asked on the subject of touring insurance.

Once insured, can I take my caravan wherever I want to go?

That depends on your policy but perhaps the ultimate answer is – probably not.

It is very common to find terms and conditions in a touring policy that might constrain, under certain situations, where you can take your caravan or where you can unhitch it and leave it unaccompanied.

For example, some policies might stipulate that you can only unhitch your caravan if you are on a formally designated and serviced touring park. Some might not allow you to park it on the public road when not in use and others may have limitations on whether or not you can take your caravan outside of the UK and if so, for how long.

To answer the question thoroughly, you will need to look carefully at your policy and ask your provider for advice.

Here at Cover4Caravans, we will be only too pleased to discuss this subject further with you.

Will my contents be covered?

It is typically possible to take out contents cover though you may find it has restrictions in terms of certain types of items being left in your tourer when unattended.

Who sells the best touring cover?

This may be a classic question but it is impossible to answer!

In practice, the best touring caravan insurance for one person might not be an ideal solution for another.  The safest way to progress your selection is to discuss your requirements with a specialist provider of this type of policy and look at the options they highlight as being available for you.

Try to remember not to become too focused on the price alone.  Having very low cost cover won’t be important to you any longer if you find yourself in the position of needing to make a claim.

Well I have to pay extra for continental touring cover?

Some policies might offer up to 280 days continental touring cover as part of their standard policy.

Others might offer absolutely nothing and require you to pay extra for cover every time you leave the UK.

If you plan to make relatively frequent flits across the channel, it might be more cost-effective to find a policy that includes cover automatically.

Will I get new for old replacement of my caravan following a major problem?

The offerings of insurance providers on this subject vary hugely.

Some might offer you a new for old replacement if your caravan is up to a certain age limit, providing that you have been the sole owner since new.

Other policies might be more generous and not take into account any consideration about how many owners there may have been, though there may still be an upper age limit, after which market value will be used.

Once again, it is a question of reading the policy!

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