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5 must haves for travelling in your caravan

The days when a caravan holiday may have raised thoughts in your mind of a couple of weeks getting away from it all and very possible roughing it a little, may be long gone.

For many these days, including a lot of caravanners, a holiday may still mean a relaxing change from normal routine but the idea of getting away from absolutely everything or roughing it just doesn’t form part of the equation.

Essential home comforts and communications gadgets that may be an essential part of that two week travelling caravan break may include:

1. a solar charger – telephones, laptops, games controllers, batteries etc are all power hungry and a solar charger can provide a useful source of energy for any of those can’t do without gadgets that have a USB connection;

2. many more experienced caravanners may be able to remember some embarrassing times when they struggled to manoeuvre their caravan into a tight parking space. These days though there are remotely controlled motor movers which make parking up problems a thing of the past;

3. it has to be acknowledged that with the UK weather, relying on your barbeque for all of your evening meals on holiday may be a bit optimistic. You can buy a whole range of cooking aids for your caravan ranging from a single burner hob, right through to a full sized oven so you can give vent to your culinary expertise;

4. if the idea of missing out on your favourite TV programmes while you are away is a non-starter then a portable satellite system may help you ensure that you stay up to date with all those plot lines. It will also provide a source of entertainment for the kids on those occasional days when you can’t get out and about;

5. maybe not what springs immediately to mind when you think about high tech gadgets but what about a portable external shower unit so you can help ensure that all that sand or mud stays outside where it belongs?

If you intend to buy a few of these must have items, be sure to check that they are covered by your caravans insurance.

Remember that, sadly, all these gadgets may appeal to others who may not be particularly interested in buying them for themselves!