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7 top reasons to buy a caravan

If you are currently wondering whether or not to purchase a caravan, you might want to consider some of the following advantages in doing so:

  1. if your caravan is mobile, you can go where you want. If you get bored after a couple of days in a given location, no problem!  You can simply move on to somewhere else that catches your eye;
  2. you have a home from home.  Some people find hotels and guesthouses to be rather sterile and unfriendly locations.  If you are one of them, you may appreciate the home from home comforts that can be developed in and around your own caravan;
  3. you are less reliant on the bookings so can be more spontaneous.  If you fancy a quick weekend break, off you go. You have no need to start endlessly trying to find available flights etc. on the internet. Of course, you may need to think a little about some popular caravan site bookings at the height of the holiday season;
  4. taking your pets with you.  If you regard your dog as part of the family, you may not relish the prospect of putting it into kennels.  Assuming that you choose the sites that permit pets, you may be able to take your four legged friend with you;
  5. you may obtain more cost-effective holidays.  Hotels and flights can be very expensive. You might find that your caravan accommodation proves to be considerably easier on your pocket and that might increase the number of breaks you can afford to take in a given year;
  6. access to fresh air.  Caravanning is essentially about the outdoor life and that’s something that many of us could do with a lot more of for our physical and psychological health;
  7. caravanning is fun! There is no other way to describe it.

Of course, if you have purchased your new asset you may want to protect it.  Here at Cover4Caravans we will help you find a suitable caravan insurance quote – at budget friendly prices!

So, if you are still deliberating the obvious question is why?  The caravan fraternity is waiting to welcome you with open arms!