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8 top tips on what to consider when buying a static caravan

Here are some tips that you might find useful if you are thinking about purchasing a static caravan:

  1. check the location and area thoroughly before you view the caravan.  If you look at the caravan first and fall in love with it, psychologically you may not be best positioned to spot glaring issues on the site or in the surrounding areas.  Remember that the site and its environs may be absolutely key factors in selling your caravan again should you need to in future;
  2. take someone dispassionate with you to view the caravan and area.  Before signing any contracts and cheques, take someone with you who has absolutely no vested interest whatsoever to view the vehicle and site.  They may well be able to objectively spot something that you haven’t;
  3. use someone else’s knowledge.  If you are a caravan novice, get someone to inspect your caravan with you who understands the fine detail of points to look for;
  4. shop around for static caravan insurance.  Cheapest options are not always necessarily the most suitable and you won’t want to discover that only when trying to make a future claim. At Cover4Caravans we will be happy to offer further advice on that;
  5. talk to other owners on the site. They may be unlikely to be entirely forthright in their views but you may sense whether there are issues with the site that are not immediately visible;
  6. check what security is in place on the site over the winter months. Sites that are entirely unsupervised and largely empty in terms of occupiers might be prime targets for thieves and vandals.  In some cases, that might cause you an issue with your insurance cover;
  7. be clear that the site has all appropriate local council registrations and permissions in place.  You won’t want to find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute shortly after purchasing;
  8. remember that some sites might not permit permanent occupation of your static.  It might also be in contravention of local council regulations and against the provisions of your insurance policy.

Completing a few basic investigations of this nature may take a little while.

Yet it might be more than worth it in the long run.