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A touring caravan insurance review – spotting the differences

It may be perfectly understandable if you periodically wish to check that your touring caravan cover is still competitive and a suitable deal when measured against other options available in the marketplace.  This is called a touring caravan insurance review and it may be time well invested.

Yet if you are looking for insurance for caravans online, at a first glance, policies may appear to be broadly similar to each other.

To really be able to understand some of the potential differences between them, other than the price, you may need to do a little digging beneath the surface and to look at some of the following areas while going through your touring caravan insurance review.

Conditions relating to towing drivers and distances
Some policies may stipulate certain minimum age and experience requirements of any driver towing the caravan.  This may be intuitively reasonable but if the policy stipulates certain requirements that you and your family cannot comply with, then it may not be for you.

You may also find limitations imposed relating to how much mileage you may do each year as part of a standard policy’s cover.  If you plan to do more, you may need to pay a supplement.

Sites and destinations
Not all policies may allow you to go where you wish to.  Some may limit their basic cover to the UK only or they may provide only very limited allowances for continental touring.

There may also be considerable differences between touring caravan insurance policies in terms of where they may allow you to park your caravan overnight when it is in use.

New for old replacement
Your touring caravan insurance review may highlight significant differences between policies in terms of how they approach the subject of new for old caravan replacement.

Some may offer such replacement for caravans up to five years old providing you have been the sole owner from new – others may only offer this for a maximum of three years.  You may also find some policies that will offer new for old replacement for caravans up to three years old, even if someone other you previously owned them.

Winter storage
You may find that some policies may insist upon full garaging and secure storage of your caravan over winter, some may offer you financial incentives in the form of discounts for doing so and yet others that may have no such requirement.

Whatever proves to be suitable for you may vary depending on your situation but it is an area worth looking at.

In summary, some of these differences may be important to you and others less so, however, taking the time to perform a touring caravan insurance review may open your eyes to new possibilities and perhaps more cost-effective solutions.