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In the Community

Cover4Caravans are proud sponsors of the Southend Fund

About The Southend Fund

The Southend Fund is an innovative charity with a unique focus, aiming to have a direct bearing on us, our surroundings and those we know. Its aim is to raise and contribute funds for projects that will benefit the Southend community as a whole. The Fund is designed to grow and provide a permanent resource for the people of Southend – it invests all monies collected and uses the earned income from these investments to fund its grants, preserving the capital for future sustainability.

The Southend Fund is creating a long term endowed fund which will last in perpetuity. Its aim is to raise funds and provide grants for projects that will benefit the Southend community as a whole.

The Southend Fund was originally set up by Councillor. Howard Briggs during his mayoral year of 2001-2002 specifically to produce a regular source of income in future years to support charitable activity in Southend. Southend boasts a dynamic voluntary sector, with around 600 charitable organisations actively providing support and help to those in most need and enriching the arts and culture of our community. However, as locally-based groups, often known only to those using their services, they have difficulty in raising the funding needed to carry out their work. They often have to compete for funds with high-profile, nationally-known charities.

The Southend Fund is managed by Essex Community Foundation (ECF) – Registered Charity 1052061, who receive and assess grant applications and provide support to the applicants, if required. With their economies of scale they are able to monitor and maximise the effectiveness of the investment portfolio and ensure that there is a cohesive account of all the monies donated to the fund and grants awarded to local charities.

For further information about The Southend Fund, please visit their website at