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Accessories, gadgets and gizmos for 2020

What did Santa Claus bring you for Christmas? What did you get for your last birthday present? Did the gift-givers remember you’re a diehard caravanner, ever grateful for all manner of accessories, gadgets and gizmos?

If your nearest and dearest overlooked any of those thoughtful gifts, you might be keen to make up for the loss. So, here are just a few suggestions for ways to treat yourself to items that will make your next caravan outing just a little more special.

Wheeled coolers

You’re a caravanner – of course, you’re optimistic about the fine and sunny summer to come. So, you’ll be glad of a high-volume cooler, that stays cold for as long as possible, and that you can easily wheel from one place to another.

European manufacturers Coleman make coolers designed to keep ice frozen for up to two days, big enough to carry two-litre bottles upright, and with space to keep all your picnic food and drink fresh until needed.

Reusable pocket straws

Before you break open those chilled drinks, though, you might want to spare a thought for the pollution and environmental damage caused by disposable plastic drinking straws.

So, switch instead to reusable stainless steel. Those made by Zoku are especially natty and environmentally friendly. They are lightweight and collapse telescopically, so you can carry them around in your pocket.

Electric bike

By the time everything’s stowed, there’s rarely much space inside even a quite big caravan and you might not want the hassle of fixing a bicycle rack to the outside.

So, a fully collapsible bike is likely to fit into even the smallest of spaces. So, you get to enjoy the great outdoors with the minimum of strain and effort.

Retro coffee pot

Rekindle a taste of the old wild west and brew your coffee over an open fire as the cowboys did – before you retire to the modern-day comfort of your caravan.

Easy Camp’s Adventure Coffee Pot fits the bill for that truly outdoors taste of freshly brewed coffee the old-fashioned way.

BioLite CampStove

A fascinating gadget likely to amaze your friends and fellow-campers is the BioLite Campstove, which burns the sticks and twigs surrounding your pitch to produce the fire to cook your food.

But, at the same time, an attached power converter not only fans the flames – giving you extra heat – but also charges phones, lights and other devices via a USB connection.

First aid

One of the essentials you probably bought when preparing for your first caravan outings was a first aid kit.

But that might have been some time ago now and the commonly used dressings and salves might already have been used. It’s probably time to invest in a new – potentially life-saving – first aid kit.

Packed into a sturdy, clearly-marked box is Physical Sports’ Camping and Caravan First Aid Kit, which contains up to the minute plasters, dressings, bandages, gloves, burn gel, eyewash etc.

… and much more

If there’s nothing here that catches your eye or whets your appetite, you might try browsing our Guide to Caravan Gadgets which contains more tips and suggestions.