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Age isn’t a showstopper with caravan insurance

It’s sometimes frustrating that we seem to spend a large part of our lives waiting to reach a certain minimum age where we no longer have to pay extra for our insurance and then shortly after, we start finding that we must pay more because we have passed a certain age!

Of course, there are understandable reasons behind insurance providers needing to take into account, in some circumstances, the age of a policyholder.

For example, few people would really dispute that a typical 65 year old is unlikely to have the same reaction times when driving a vehicle as those of a 25 year old.

Even though this might be counterbalanced, to some extent, by the greater experience of the older driver, the reality of life is that insurance providers may feel that older drivers constitute a slightly higher risk than those of the younger age groups.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to follow the logic when it is ruthlessly applied to caravan insurance. Some providers may, for example, decline to offer cover to over 60 towing drivers at all.

This appears to be a gross overreaction and disproportionate.

We are pleased to say that here at Cover4Caravans we don’t believe in pulling down the shutters in terms of over 60’s touring caravan insurance. We are happy to take older drivers and indeed younger drivers under cover on this type of policy. We can even help you if you are looking for over 80’s tourer insurance!

In fact, we can even typically find discounts for older and younger drivers although they may not be quite so substantial as might be the case for those owners and drivers in what might be termed the mid-range of insurance age brackets.

We believe that there may be significant advantages to being a more mature owner and driver, running from a reduced risk of over-reaction to road situations, to increased levels of patience, right up to a greater familiarity with the vehicle and things such as reversing in tight spots etc.

So, if your 60th – or even your 80th – birthday is approaching there is no need to start thinking about giving up on caravanning or that you are going to need to start writing some substantially bigger cheques for it.

We’re here to help!