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Are you looking for cheap touring caravan insurance?

Whenever talking about cheap insurance, there is probably just one golden rule: what you consider cheap caravan insurance may not be so for someone else – it is a personal thing.

The cover you need is almost always the cover that is peculiar to your individual requirements and circumstances, so may be quite different to the cover needed by your neighbour, for example, irrespective of the price you pay.

Finding insurance which is suitable for your own needs and circumstances, therefore, is more likely to be a question of good value for money rather than its absolute price.

With that caveat in mind however, it remains perfectly reasonable to be looking for cheap touring caravan insurance that represents good value for money, by cutting the costs of the cover you need.

How might you do that?

Shop around

  • whenever you are looking for good value for money in any kind of products or services, you are likely to start shopping around – comparing prices between one supplier and another;
  • once again, however, when shopping around like this, it is important to keep in mind exactly what cover you need and take this firmly into account when comparing prices;
  • one of the most common difficulties may be that some touring caravan insurance policies include as standard elements of cover which you do not really need and exclude others that you do – there may be a gap between what you want and what seems to be available on the insurance market;

Consult an expert

  • working out the cover you need and then matching your individual requirements to the products available might prove considerably more difficult than it seems;
  • even deciding on the appropriate level, scope and nature of the touring caravan insurance which might be appropriate for you may be difficult – then trawling through the many insurers which seem to offer something approaching your needs becomes more difficult still;
  • fortunately, however, there are specialist insurance providers – such as us here at Cover4Caravans – who have built up an expertise through many years of experience in matching what particular caravan owners are likely to need to the various products available on the market, whilst at the same time searching out the most competitively priced of those;
  • in short, a specialist touring caravan insurance provider is well placed to help save you money on the cover you need;


  • a further way of approaching the quest for cheaper touring caravan insurance is to ask yourself about the principal preoccupations likely to be held by any insurer;
  • almost all of these are likely to come down to some aspect of security – and the extent to which various security measures help to mitigate the risk of loss or damage to your caravan;
  • very simply, the more you take it upon yourself to mitigate the risk of loss or damage by increasing security, the greater the chance of your being rewarded by your insurer with a reduction in the cost of premiums;

Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSoA)

  • your caravan may be at its most vulnerable – not only to criminal interference, but damage from the elements – when it is laid up for storage during the winter;
  • the security of your chosen storage site, therefore, is a factor taken into account by some insurers, who recognise your concern for adequate counter measures by offering a discount on the premiums you pay;
  • one of the most secure and well-regulated of such sites are those registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) some of which offer storage under cover for better protection against the elements;
  • at more than 500 sites across the country, CaSSOA members offer secure storage for your caravan according to one of three levels of security accreditation (Bronze, Silver and Gold);
  • member sites have been inspected by the Association and graded according to such security measures as CCTV monitoring – especially on entry to and exit from the site, together with lockable gates and secure fencing around the whole of the site.

When looking for touring caravan insurance that offers the cover you want, with the discounts on premiums you may be able to afford, it may be worth keeping these points in mind.