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Are you looking for over 60’s touring caravan insurance?

By the time you are in your 60’s, you are probably long past the stage where you enjoy counting off your birthdays as they arrive!

Unfortunately though, other people and institutions are rather more interested in tracking your increasing age and to some extent that applies to certain insurance providers.

Of course, even the fittest and most active 60 year olds and above, will probably admit that certain of their faculties are not what they were when they were 20 or 30.

It is not unusual to find things such as hearing, eyesight and reaction times, all deteriorating as we get older.

In terms of touring caravan cover, it is therefore understandable that providers might start to regard the risks of various forms of accident increasing due to these factors.

However, what many people point out, is that to some extent that can be offset by the greater awareness and experience that comes with increasing age.  This has been recognised for some time and is supported by personal experience relating to the typically very small numbers of more mature drivers who are guilty of driving recklessly.

All things being considered, many older drivers probably accept that they may need to pay a little more for their insurance cover but most certainly do object when the increases are entirely disproportionate and unrealistic.

Some insurance providers appear to adopt an approach consisting of trying to discourage applications from those over 60 and others seem to see it as an excuse to hugely crank up their premiums.

Fortunately, at Cover4Caravans, we are not ageist!  We have no upper age limit at all for tourer cover, and can still offer discounts to the more mature caravanner.

There is one other thing that people are typically known for as they get older – and that is being more discerning in their purchasing decisions!

So, if you feel that you are currently getting a raw deal from your insurance provider simply because you are over 60, then it might be about time you looked at how we can help.