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A quick caravan insurance check

You may believe that you are completely okay for caravan insurance.

Perhaps you have had a policy for some time and do not immediately see any obvious reason why you need to go back to the drawing board and start thinking again about the subject.

It may be the case that you are quite correct and that your existing cover is perfectly adequate for your needs and is still an excellent solution overall.

The real question is however – how can you be sure?

They are really two theoretical possibilities:

• perhaps your caravan or the way you use it, have changed from the original position that was the case when you first took out your existing policy;

• possibly there are now other insurance options available in the market that simply did not exist when you last looked.

In the case of the former point, you may perhaps be inclined to dismiss this out of hand but before you do so, it may be worth asking yourself whether:

• you are still doing the same annual mileage as you originally were;

• is your caravan still situated on the same site;

• have you recently refurbished it or otherwise significantly increased its value or that of its contents etc?

All of these things may affect the caravan’s cover that may be optimal for you.

In the case of the marketplace, comparatively few markets may be as subject to rapid change as that of insurance. There may now be policies offering cover at prices that you may have looked very favourably upon, had they been around when you took out your existing cover.

The bottom line is that it may be difficult to be sure whether your existing cover is still suitable for your requirements unless you take the opportunity to periodically sit back, review your position and look at some quotations.