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Choosing your park home insurance

You may be under pressure to think about insurance for your park home the moment you choose the park on which it is pitched – and quite right too.

If your park home is mortgaged, then your mortgage lender will typically require you to have adequate insurance in place to protect both your and their financial interest in the property.

Even if you own your park home outright, ensuring you have appropriate protection means that should something go wrong, the costs to replace or repair your park home will be covered by your policy. (Less any excess amount, of course).

Knowing which cover to choose can be daunting. Certainly, traditional bricks and mortar home insurance is not suitable for your park home – nor valid. Specialist cover is required.

Given the importance of your cover you might want to enlist the help of specialists in park home insurance – such as those of us here at Cover4Caravans – who are able to make an informed park home insurance comparison based on their experience, expertise and inside knowledge of the market.

The cover

Although a specialist provider may be expected to establish your particular circumstances and requirements – and tailor the potential insurance policies accordingly – there are a number of elements generally common to all types of park home insurance:

  • the home – first and foremost, of course, is likely to be your home itself. You probably invested a significant amount of money in buying it and want to safeguard it against perils such as fire, flooding, storm damage, impacts, and the like. The cover typically provides protection up to a certain insured amount;
  • the contents – similarly, it is generally possible to insure the contents up to a given total sum and some policies may include a separately insured amount for your personal possessions;
  • accidental damage – insurance against accidental damage to your park home or to its contents is typically an optional extra;
  • freezer, bicycle, and cash – depending on your chosen insurer, your policy may also provide protection against loss or damage of specific items, such as the contents of your freezer, any bicycles you may own and any cash or credit cards you hold.

With our policies, we also offer discounts for combined park home buildings and contents insurance, too.

It may be apparent, therefore, that park home insurance may involve a number of considerations. Getting the cover that is suitable for your needs and that comes at a competitive price is something that we will be delighted to help you with.