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Do You Have Caravan Cover?

If the weather’s bad and your caravan not in use, some very careful owners protect their vehicle with a fully enclosing caravan cover.

Thoughtful as that is, it may not be the only way of thinking about caravan protection.

Insurance as a cover

Rain, salt, frost and ice may attack your vehicle, that’s why you may choose to use a cover.

Yet your caravan may also come under attack from sheer bad luck or people’s bad behaviours. To protect you against that sort of potential problem is why insurance caravan cover exists.

Things happen

In fact, the analogy isn’t really a great one. A physical cover can help stop the elements getting at your vehicle.

By contrast, no insurance policy can stop bad things happening to your caravan – but it may stop the consequences of that hitting your bank balance big-time.

Types of cover

The requirements of the typical caravan owner will vary significantly, particularly depending upon the type of caravan that he or she owns.

You can typically find:

  • caravan insurance;
  • touring caravan insurance;
  • static caravan insurance and;
  • motorhome insurance.

If you have a park home (typically defined as a static caravan that you live in permanently) you may need separate cover.

Each of these cover types is related to the special needs and risks constituted by each of these vehicle types.

Conditions of use

Just as a physical anti-weather cover would come with instructions on how to use it, the same is typically true with caravan insurance except that they will be called the terms and conditions.

It’s typically a good idea to make sure that you understand exactly how your insurance works and what your obligations are in terms of making sure that you’re using it properly.

Get that wrong and you risk invalidating your protection – just as misusing a physical cover may mean that any warranties are null and void.

Staying covered

The various forms of caravan cover exist to help offer protection against life’s little (and sometimes not so little) uncertainties and this is something that we can help with.