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Six top caravan insurance tips

We are sometimes asked for caravan insurance tips. We’re not saying that the points below are necessarily the most important (that may depend upon your individual circumstances) but they may be things to keep in mind:

1. annual renewals – don’t operate in autopilot mode! It is all too easy to simply renew your policy because it seems to be the least tedious thing to do. Yet it is advisable to always think about things such as whether your cover is adequate or whether you still have a policy that is suitable for you, before you renew your policy;

2. notice changes. It may be the case that you have recently upgraded your caravan or added new contents etc. If so, are you still sure that you have adequate levels of cover given that your caravan and its contents may now be of higher value? Of course, the reverse may also occasionally be the case;

3. keep an eye on your site. Some policies for static caravans or park homes may contain stipulations relating to facilities that your site must contain. It may well have had them at the time you took out your policy but things sometimes change over time and if so, it might be worth discussing it with your insurance provider;

4. don’t trust the grapevine! Sometimes quite fantastic and completely inaccurate rumours get started up – and they may lead to trouble. An example might be that park home insurance can automatically be used to cover a static caravan you decide to occupy permanently. We will always be only too pleased to offer you confirmation or refutation of anything you may have heard relating to caravan insurance;

5. keep your policy up-to-date. For example, at one time you may have needed extensive continental cover for your touring caravan but if you are no longer heading across the seas, you may wish to ask yourself why you are still paying for it;

6. take an interest in caravan insurance. We are not naive enough to believe that many caravanners will find insurance an intrinsically interesting subject but it may be something that potentially might save you from a major financial loss. So being familiar with your policy (i.e. reading it) only makes sense and we’ll gladly offer our help with anything you don’t understand.