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Over 60s touring caravan insurance

If you are an older youngster looking for touring caravan insurance, you may have found it difficult or even too expensive to get covered on the terms offered by some insurers.  You may find that some companies will simply...Read more

Caravan flood insurance

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that flooding over recent years appears to be becoming more and more commonplace. Scientists are enjoying themselves arguing about whether this is due to global warming or not and if it is, just...Read more

Making the most of your static home

If you find that your static caravan is looking a little tired, then it might be time to think about giving it an overhaul and refresh inside and out. Before offering a few useful top tips that just might help...Read more

Does cheap caravan insurance cover really exist?

If you measure it just by the price you pay, cheap caravan insurance cover may well exist – but looking for it may result in protection that is not always completely suitable for your needs. Paradoxical as it may seem,...Read more

Caravan must-do’s and must-haves!

In caravanning as in life, there are some things you simply must have or do. These days, caravanning life has changed beyond recognition. Where once it probably meant a couple of weeks away just getting away from it all...Read more