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6 top places to visit in Northern France with your caravan

If you are touring northwestern France in your caravan, you may be interested in thinking about some of the following less well-known places: Bagnoles sur l’Orne. This is a small spa and lakeside town in amongst some very pretty cliffs...Read more

Caravan cover for the over 60’s

If you are a more mature caravanner looking for touring caravan insurance, then with some providers, you may have found it difficult or even too expensive to get covered.  You may find that some companies will simply refuse to...Read more

Why are touring caravan holidays so popular?

There can be many benefits to taking a holiday in your tourer. Our own research* recently revealed how over 75% of us have been - or plan to go on - a caravan based holiday, proving that caravanning has...Read more

Are you struggling to find over 60’s caravan insurance?

It’s a sad fact of biology that, as we age, things might start to become a little more difficult in a number of areas. You may encounter one of those if you suddenly start seeing problems in finding over 60’s’...Read more

Why holiday in a caravan?

Some people might tell you that the heyday of caravan holidays in the UK were the decades running from the end of the 1940s through to around the earlier 1970s. In those austere days, the attractions of cheap caravan insurance...Read more