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Winter driving tips

A little bit of common sense and advance preparation can make all the difference when it comes to safer winter motoring. Here are a few winter driving tips that just might come in handy one day: think about your tyres.  Some...Read more

Caravan cover for the over 60’s

If you are a more mature caravanner looking for touring caravan insurance, then with some providers, you may have found it difficult or even too expensive to get covered.  You may find that some companies will simply refuse to...Read more

Are you struggling to find over 60’s caravan insurance?

It’s a sad fact of biology that, as we age, things might start to become a little more difficult in a number of areas. You may encounter one of those if you suddenly start seeing problems in finding over 60’s’...Read more

Thinking about the price of your caravan cover

It’s perfectly natural and even healthy, for caravanners to think carefully about expenditure and to look for some of the best deals possible. That applies not only to things such as food and clothing but also the cost of their...Read more

Can I live in my static home?

The question of living permanently in a static home is a complicated one. You should not consider this article to be qualified legal advice but it may give you a quick overview of at least some of the issues involved. What...Read more