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Beckett shows her love by writing foreword

Margaret Beckett, the foreign secretary and self-confessed caravan enthusiast, has accepted an offer to write the introduction for a caravan book.

The cabinet member has added her personal touch to Teach Yourself Caravanning and has written about her joy for the holiday past-time, as well as the stick she’s received for being such an ardent devotee.

Ms Beckett’s spokeswoman told Scotland on Sunday: “They wanted her to write the foreword to the new book, which is coming out in the summer, and she was delighted to do it.”

“She was very happy to do it because caravanning has given her so much pleasure and she hopes others will be able to get the same enjoyment from it.”

Ms Beckett’s proclamation in favour of caravanning couldn’t have come at a more apt time as the publishers of the book seek to make the most of what is a booming period for the sector.

The Caravan Club’s figures show that it is now a highly popular holiday option and more and more members sign up ever year.