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Beckett told caravan holidays pose security risk

Despite usually being considered a relatively sedate pastime, caravanning has come under scrutiny following reports that foreign secretary Margaret Beckett has been banned from taking such holidays due to the security risk it poses.

Although Ms Beckett and husband Leo are partial to a spot of caravanning in the European countryside, police officials have said it is too much of a logistical nightmare for them to monitor, reports the Sun.

Police bodyguards have previously had to trail behind the couple’s caravan as they drove the ambling 800-mile route to the south of France.

A source told the newspaper: “The word was the police felt the caravanning holiday was a logistical nightmare.

“Mrs Beckett was told that – while she is free to go on whatever holiday she chooses – it would be preferable if they stuck to a hotel, where security is easier to organise.”

It is understood that monitoring the couple when they bunked up in a field also posed security problems.

However, the couple have now dropped their caravan holiday plans and opted for a five-star hotel in Madeira instead.