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Behind the News: The Cover4Caravans Guide to the Olympics

The date 6th July 2005 may not seem particularly memorable to most people on the face of it, but in fact it has become a day that will be etched in Britain’s sporting history as Lord Sebastien Coe and his Team secured our third Olympics for London in a fraught and occasionally bitter campaign which was one by just four votes over France.

Those visiting the capital cannot have failed to notice the massive development of Stratford into the Olympic site in the time since, but what does this mean for caravanners and holiday makers?
The Olympics are being held from 27th July to 12th August followed by the Paralympic Games from 29th August to 9th September. Cover4Caravans would advise planning well in advance if you are planning a visit to London around these dates, and the knock on effects around the Country.

Our suggestions would be to book as early as possible, and particularly to ensure that there are public transport routes nearby.
There are a number of permanent sites in London and close to the Games venues and are likely to be very popular so book early. It is advisable to check into the sites thoroughly as reports of bogus sites are rife on the internet.

It is also imperative that whilst you leave your van during the events that they are fully secured as there are likely to be rogue elements in the vicinity, and also check what security the site operates in addition to the standard wheel clamps and hitch locks that you would automatically attach.

On the site itself it is advisable to not have a pitch near the motorway as this is likely to be targeted by opportunist thieves. Fire safety is another key component and a 3 metre gap is generally recommended between caravans. Sites that do not allow this or are barbeque friendly should be avoided.

It is also worth noting that when towing, there will be many caravanners whom are from abroad and therefore may not be familiar with sign posts etc.
Above all it is important to assist the authorities wherever possible as this event is a huge operation and carries many perils such as organised crime and terrorism threats. And to enjoy the sporting theatre that these 28th Olympic Games are sure to bring!