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Board games for rainy days

Even in autumn or on fine days during the winter, you might be tempted to spend some time in your touring caravan or static home.

British weather being what it is, though, those stolen moments of appealing sunshine are just as likely to be interspersed with rainy days.

And on rainy days, the inside of any caravan can feel more than a little constricting. That’s when you might want to get the board games out.

Although numerous games can be played from a simple pack of playing cards – and a deck of cards can easily be stowed in even the tiniest caravan – board games might prove more imaginative and challenging fun. Here are a few suggestions.

All the old favourites

Mention board games and some diehards will spring immediately to mind – Draughts, Ludo, Chess, or Cluedo (once the light starts failing and the company’s ready for a little murder mystery).

But you might equally want to experiment with something newer or a little different:

Trivial Pursuit

  • Trivial Pursuit has also become an old-time favourite, but there are constantly updated versions available and the range includes ones for different age groups – there is even a travel version for the game if you don’t have space to open up a full board;


  • this much newer board game Articulate! is nevertheless a variation on an old theme – can you describe a particular word without actually using it;
  • as the tension gathers pace, you’ll probably find yourselves lifting the roof of your caravan as the war of words locks anything from four to twenty people in battle;


  • another board game almost certain to raise a raucous for the whole family, Buckaroo takes you all on a trip back to the Wild West and a famous bucking mule;
  • it’s quick, its frenzied and – best of all, perhaps – even children as young as four can play along with you;

Snakes and Ladders

  • who’s never played Snakes and Ladders before! And that’s all part of the fun, of course. Unfold the board and you’re almost certain to be taken back to those time of innocent family fun – the game’s stayed just the same and you’ll enjoy teaching a younger generation all the ups and downs of this classic;


  • if you’re looking for something more cerebral – where you might even enjoy a bit of peace and quiet before things get really tense – then Scrabble is the go-to board game;
  • it says it’s for ages 10 and up but, quite honestly, anyone who can spell is able to have a shot at this game designed for between two and four players;

Guess Who?

  • there’s nothing like a guessing game, especially for the younger members in your party – and Guess Who? is one of the originals;
  • players get to ask the yes/no questions – are your eyes blue, are you a boy, are you on the television, and so on – until someone guesses your secret identity.

Just accept it. At some time during any outing in your caravan, it’s likely to rain. And when it does, knowing that you have a board game or two at the ready will only mean the beginning of still more fun and laughter.