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Boy racers can cruise M1

The Highways Agency has just announced that, after safety reviews of roadworks on the M1 motorway, the speed limit has been raised to 50mph.

Caravanners will of course have respected the 40 mph limit that had been set between junctions eight and ten when motorway widening works were at their busiest, but now drivers can be safe in the knowledge that a 50mph dash will not knock points off their licence.

Caravanners will benefit from cuts in journey times to sites off the M1 and eventually the works will result in more lanes for motorhomes to exploit.

But for the moment, there will be three lanes on the M1 during the daytime and one lane in each direction overnight.

The Highways Agency is advising drivers to plan journeys before they set out and it has also offered further guidelines.

When approaching roadworks, caravanners are advised to get into the correct line and not switch, concentrate on the road rather than roadworks and be alert to works’ traffic.

If you can concentrate upon all of that, rather than the back-seat cries of “are we there yet?” then you should experience a safer journey.