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Why buy caravan insurance from Cover4Caravans?

We know it’s a cliché but core to everything we do is one guiding principle – we know you have choice.

A bedrock

That isn’t just something we say in our advertising.

We really do understand that you have a number of options open to you if you’re looking to buy caravan insurance online (or through other channels for that matter) and that you need hard objective justifications for entrusting us with your business. To put it another way, we don’t expect you do buy caravan insurance from us just because we’re nice people!

So, here are some very solid and we think powerful persuaders to purchase your caravan cover through Cover4Caravans.


We’ve talked about this extensively over the years but excuse us if we do so again.

We have been arranging insurance cover for our clients since 1946. In that time, we have learned a thing or two about this domain and also the needs of caravan owners for appropriate cover.

Also, we’re proud to say that caravans and holiday homes are all we deal in. In fact, we focus on:

  • touring caravan insurance;
  • static caravan insurance; and
  • UK holiday home insurance.

We don’t provide car, household or life insurance services etc. Why not?

Some insurance providers may see that as having a limited portfolio. For us, to the contrary, it allows us to focus and specialise. We know caravans, their risks and the insurance options, inside-out.

You may perhaps be thinking, “does that matter?” Well, yes it does and it might prove to be exceptionally important to you in any one of a number of circumstances.

To take just one example, insurance cover for certain types of caravan can be difficult to find if you’re simply ‘ringing around’. If you do find it, you might also encounter an eye-watering quotation and a very lengthy list of exclusions.

We, however, are experts in that field and we aim to obtain an attractive proposition for you in both premium and cover terms. That’s a huge benefit that comes from dealing with expert providers rather than generalists.

Knowing the market

The UK insurance marketplace is the most diverse and competitive in the world.

It’s important for any insurance provider to understand exactly where to place risk, in underwriting terms, so that it’s most appropriately located in order to benefit from the widest possible cover and the most attractive premiums.

This is touched on under our expertise mentioned above but this is slightly different. Unlike some, we don’t always place our client’s policies with the same insurance underwriter time after time just because it’s administratively convenient for us to do so.

We maintain constant market awareness and make our arrangements based upon our assessment of the current state of the market and solutions that will be advantageous for you not just easy for us.

You can also be sure that we accept without reservation the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) directive to ensure that we always put the interests of our customers first.

Excellence in business

We have invested heavily in training in best practice professional standards in order to ensure that all our clients receive an impeccable service.

We understand that you’re busy and can’t afford to spend longer on your caravan insurance than is absolutely necessary and you certainly haven’t got time to waste. Our efficiency is something we’re profoundly proud of.

We subscribe to the independent Feefo website review and service rating service. In 2016 we received the sought-after formal “Gold Trusted Merchant Accreditation” which shows that our services were consistently rated at above 95% customer satisfaction rating levels.

We hope you agree that these are all powerful reasons why you should consider us for your caravan insurance!