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Calls for tunnel to replace Forth bridge

Campaigners in West Lothian have called for a tunnel to replace the Forth bridge.

The Forth Tunnel Action Group argues that a tunnel is cheaper to build and maintain than a bridge. The group also points to the fact that a tunnel would have a lesser environmental impact than a replacement bridge.

John Carson, an engineer with Forth Tag, told the BBC: “[The] Fourth Estuary Transport Authority (Feta) currently spends £10 million a year on this bridge.”

“They have just cancelled or delayed a contract to paint the bridge at £76 million so you can imagine a second bridge would be as costly to maintain.”

“Tunnels cost next to nothing to maintain.”

The tunnel would be accessible to caravan users, allowing holidaymakers to make the most of the countryside surrounding the Firth or Forth.

There is local support for the tunnel but feasibility studies are still being carried out to determine the most cost-effective crossing which will have the capacity for the traffic crossing the firth.

The findings will be delivered to ministers in May.