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Can you afford NOT to insure your caravan?

It is very hard to come across as unbiased when you work in the field of caravan insurance but recent reports have prompted us to field a general question to you all:

Can you afford NOT to insure your caravan?

A recent report carried out indicated that a whopping 28% of you DO NOT insure your caravan. We understand insurance in general is widely regarded as a pain and an expensive inconvenience but in times of distress, it becomes one of the most valuable services. If your caravan is stolen, vandalized, accidentally damaged or even if it causes damage to 3rd party vehicle or property, can you afford to pay these costs out of your own pocket? If you can then youre better off than most. You might be thinking that it wont happen to you but weve paid over 200,000 in claims over the 12 months and Im sure every single person who made a claim once thought it would never happen to them.

Insurance covers the what ifs and provides the peace of mind of financial security in the event of a what if occurring. Our typical premium for a 12,000 touring caravan is 277 which in turn provides you with the knowledge that if someone runs off with your caravan, you will not have to swallow a 12,000 financial loss. We at Cover4 provide comprehensive insurance covering almost all eventualities that can occur so whether it be the theft of your caravan or a knock in a car park, you can be assured that we will cover the cost.

Cost is always going to be a factor in any choice you make and we are happy to be able to say that we are among the cheapest in the market, but we also provide excellent cover to go with that price so its no longer a choice of best cover OR best premium, you can now have your cake and eat it!

We have invested a lot of time and money into our online quote and buy system allowing the process of buying insurance to be efficient, informative and clear. You can view our website, receive a quotation, view all documentation and purchase the policy feeling informed of the cover provided, pleased with the price and confident in your choice.

We also have a team passionate about caravans on hand to answer any enquiries you have on 0800 9707 172. They are happy to talk over any non-standard issues, talk you through any perceived insurance jargon so that you are clear the cover matches your needs and take you through the quotation and purchase of your insurance policy explaining every step of the way.

We believe insurance should provide peace of mind, not inconvenience and we aim to provide that peace of mind.

We hope to speak to you soon

Richard Burgess