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Caravan accidents on overload

Police have been patrolling the country’s highways to ensure that caravanners are not overloading their caravans, according to reports.

While caravan insurance is important, caravanners could reduce the risk of having to make a claim by checking that their possessions will not cause a hazard likely to tip over their caravan.

A caravanner for over 30 years, Tony Bevan, told newspapers that nowadays families pack everything but the kitchen sink into their caravans and that the police tend to be less proactive than formerly.

The Abergavenny man said: “Nowadays you see people pushing the stuff out through the windows. If they’re a big family, there’s tables, chairs and umbrellas. The police are turning a blind eye. They used to stop you on the M5 or at Ross-on-Wye”

“Something should be done, because caravans are on the increase.”

He added that caravanners are not taking their towing car’s weight into consideration, but instead are basing their towing power on engine size.

“People think, ‘I’ve got a 2.5-litre engine in my Ford Focus’. They’ve got the power but they haven’t got the weight to make it stable,” he explained.

Safety expert Kevin Delaney, of the IAM Trust, told a Welsh newspaper: “An overloaded or wrongly loaded caravan is a disaster waiting to happen.

“It will affect the handling of the caravan, which will affect the handling of the car – which is why you find caravans turned over.”

While caravanners should essentially enjoy themselves while on holiday, it is important to exercise some caution by loading your caravan properly and taking out a caravan insurance policy. At Cover4Caravans, as long as you take the precaution of using a wheel-clamp, your caravan will be in safe hands. If you are unable to stay in your caravan as a result of loss or damage, Cover4Caravans will provide alternative hotel or caravan accommodation worth up to &#pound;75 a day for a fortnight. Click through to get a perfectly balanced caravan insurance quote.