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Caravan carnage highlights road safety risk

After a caravan was completely destroyed in a three-vehicle pile-up near Beauly, Scotland, concerns about road safety in the area have been raised.

According to the Inverness Courier a Land Rover, a Volkswagen LP 35 and a Jaguar towing a caravan were all involved in the accident on the A862 50 yards away from the 200-year old Lovat Bridge.

The contents of the caravan, including two gas cylinders, were strewn all over the road, meaning that the emergency services had to close the road for several hours.

Two fire teams from Inverness and one from Beauly attended to the scene, as well as one ambulance crew.

Although three people were taken to Raigmore hospital, their injuries were only minor.

A witness told the Inverness Courier: “The scene looked like a bomb site. It was as if a bomb had gone off in the caravan and sent the wreckage flying.”

Concerned councillors are now proposing that traffic lights should be installed in the area and the narrow bridge should be made a one-way road.

Allan Lymburn, owner of the Lovat Bridge Caravan Site, said: “I have been here 26 years and there have only been two accidents in that time,” but he did agree that warning signs should be posted telling drivers not to overtake on the bridge.

As well as ensuring road safety, caravanners should think about the safety of their investment. Full caravan insurance should be taken out in case the worst should happen and your caravan is written-off.