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Caravan community project honoured

A community project that allowed people in Greenock who could not afford a holiday to have a caravan holiday on a special payment plan has been honoured today with a memorial bench.

The Strone and Maukinhill Caravan scheme has finally been remembered for the joy that it brought to poor families since its inception in 1989 until its demise three years ago.

Greenock’s Knocknairshill Cemetery will now have a lasting memory to the scheme, through the bench, which bears an inscription dedicating it to “all volunteers, workers and people of this area who supported and helped to make this community and Inverclyde a better place to live for future generations”.

The Caravan scheme, funded through urban regeneration money, allowed poorer families to spend a week at one of two of the dedicated caravans in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Former committee member, Bridget Canning, told the Greenock Telegraph: “A lot of families in the area could not afford to get a holiday and the project allowed them to pay up in stages so they did not have to pay for it all at once. Our chairman, Billy Lucas, wanted a dedicated memorial for the project and we are delighted to have the bench here.”

Councillor Charlie McCallum, said: “It is an honour to see it dedicated here for all time to all the volunteers who drove families up and down to Berwick, did the laundry and cleaned the caravan. Because of them, whole families who had never been further than Inverkip or Battery Park were able to have a holiday.”

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