Caravan Insurance Key Facts Documents Video

So, what is a Key Facts Document, and why is it important for customers

A Key Facts Document is provided and should be provided by any insurance broker or insurance company you deal with. What the Key Facts Document should do, it should hold a logo which tells you it’s a Key Facts Document, and that is a registered trademark.

The Key Facts Document gives you a brief summary of the cover you’re buying, so it will tell you the key features and benefits, which is really important for you to read. It will tell you any security arrangements you may need to have in place. And importantly it will tell you about the exclusions and limitations of the policy.

What you have to remember is it’s not a market standard document, so each insurance broker or insurance company writes their own key facts, and it’s what they see as the key features, benefits and exclusions to their policy. So you can’t just read one Key Fact Document, say for example for cover 4 caravans, and assume that the product that you’re purchasing from someone else will have the same key features, benefits and exclusions and limitations. So it’s an important document to have a look at.

For example, one of the points on ours, it tells us here that: ‘The theft of caravans is excluded unless they are protected with a wheel clamp and hitch lock when they’re left unattended. So that’s a very key point, so it’s in our document. Someone else’s security may be different to ours, which is why it’s important that you have a look at their document.

Also within the Key Facts, it gives you information about how claims are settled, how to cancel your policy, about the cooling off period and about the complaints procedure. So it’s just a very important document.

I think it’s quite a good document, which is if you have a quote from a number of insurers you can effectively put them side by side and have a really quick look as to who’s giving you the best cover available.

It’s an easy to read document but it does have its limitations. So as I said: it’s not a standard document. Although the layout is quite similar between insurance companies they will each have what they deem as their main exclusions or benefits listed on it, not what is expected as the market norm.