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Caravan insurance renewals – some money saving tips

Is the insurance on your static or touring caravan coming up for renewal?

If so, don’t pass up the opportunity of reviewing the cover you have, making sure that it continues to provide the particular cover you need, and taking on board a few money saving tips.

Shopping around

  • caravan insurance is about matching your individual needs – which vary from one owner to another – with the particular products available;
  • you are probably looking to save money on the cover you buy, but this does not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest – your goal is more likely to be securing good value for money;
  • the most common way of looking for good value for money is simply to shop around, comparing prices against the benefits offered;
  • this holds good for the purchase of caravan insurance, but might be made more complicated by finding exactly the cover you need amongst the various products on the market – including the elements of protection you require, but excluding any that may be unnecessary;

Choosing a specialist provider

  • you may be able to save yourself the time, effort and risk of getting things wrong – not to mention saving yourself a pretty penny into the bargain – by choosing a specialist in the provision of caravan insurance, just as we are here at Cover4Caravans;
  • you may draw on our years of experience in precisely matching customers’ needs to the cover available and our expertise in identifying good value for money at competitive rates;
  • not only is the service free, but you might be able to cash in on the fact that many insurers offer brokers insurance policies at discounted rates – insurers typically placing confidence in the particular professionalism of brokers and their care in choosing products suitable for their customers;
  • we might also spot those promotions and discounts which the untrained eye may too easily overlook, thus saving you more money into the bargain;
  • one example is the discount we may be able to secure simply by being a member of one of the leading touring clubs in the country, for example the Caravan Club;

Your caravan

  • both static caravans and touring caravans come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, ages and values – the insurance options are similarly varied in their nature, scope and level;
  • the prime objective is to safeguard the caravan and its contents against such potentially serious risks and perils as storm damage, flooding, fire, impacts, vandalism and theft;
  • the level of cover needs to anticipate a worst case scenario of the total loss of the caravan and its contents, so a valuation based on complete replacement is required;
  • whilst the valuation needs to avoid the risk of leaving you underinsured, with insufficient compensation to pay for replacement, you may also wish to avoid overinsurance, with the result that you pay more than is necessary for your cover;


  • just as we may help in finding you the appropriate level of insurance, we may also help you to win recognition and approval from an insurer of the efforts you have made to improve the overall security of your caravan and, so, help to mitigate the risk of loss or damage;
  • just as with any other insurer, caravan insurers are in the business of assessing risks, and if there is evidence of those risks having been reduced, so premiums may be reduced accordingly;
  • different insurers recognise different security measures when it comes to offering a discount and not all of them might extend discounts in every respect;
  • one of the biggest discounts typically available is through your choice of secure storage when your touring caravan is laid up for the winter;
  • you may earn such a discount by arranging storage at a site registered with the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA), which has 500 or so sites around the country, with each one graded according to such security indicators as CCTV monitoring, patrolled grounds, perimeter security and controls at entry and exit points. You can read more about why we support CaSSOA sites here;
  • similar considerations about the overall security of the caravan park – especially when it is closed for the season – may apply when arranging insurance for your static caravan;
  • whatever the levels of security at a storage site or your static caravan park, insurers may also look to the particular measures you might have installed such as intruder alarms and motion detectors or even dead-bolts on doors and extra window locks;
  • since practically all caravans being manufactured in the UK now are registered with the National Caravan Council’s (NCC) Central Registration and Identification Scheme (CRiS), discounts for this fact alone are increasingly unlikely;
  • nevertheless, the issue of a CRiS log-book – similar to the one issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s (DVLA) for motor vehicles – is useful for checking on previous ownership, whether the caravan has been an insurance write-off, whether it has ever been stolen, or if there is outstanding finance on it;
  • the designation of a unique Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) is clearly a helpful way of tracking and identifying the caravan if it is stolen;

No claims discount

  • caravan insurers – like many other general insurance providers – typically extend recognition to careful customers who have not made any type of claim in preceding years;
  • this is the no claims discount – which may typically earn you a discount on the cost of your premiums – so make sure that this is reflected in your next renewal proposal;


  • another favourite way of reducing the cost of insurance premiums is to take on a greater share of the risks yourself;
  • this may be done by agreeing to a larger than usual excess to pay in the event of a claim;
  • you might want to be careful, however, that you do not take on such a large excess as to make any claim especially hard on your pocket.

The annual renewal of your caravan insurance, therefore, presents a golden opportunity to review and reflect upon the current level of protection for your tourer or holiday home. This may help to ensure that you are not only giving your caravan the most appropriate form of protection, but also saving yourself some money into the bargain.