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Cheap Park Home Insurance

Here are a few bullet-type points that may help in your understanding of the key issues surrounding cheap park home insurance:

  • it is typically advisable to be cautious about looking for cheap park home insurance as what is cheap for someone else may not prove to be so for you – it is the insurance’s fitness for purpose that counts;
  • if you have a park home then no other form of caravan insurance will ‘do’ – you must have the appropriate form of park home insurance if you are to have the comfort of knowing that you are properly protected;
  • a park home is typically a dwelling that you live in permanently and which resides on a formally registered (with the local authorities) park home site;
  • a static caravan or any other form of dwelling not on a formal park home site is, by definition, not a park home – if you have one such then you should seek the appropriate insurance cover for it (e.g. static insurance cover);
  • some insurance providers may have specific requirements relating to the services and security facilities available on the site (some sites are rural and may, for that reason, be particularly attractive to thieves);
  • you may be able to obtain a lowering of your basic insurance premium if you make the effort to fit extra security locks and an alarm;
  • some forms of park home cover may have conditions and limitations relating to park home properties that are unoccupied – it may be worth familiarising yourself with these if you think leaving the property unoccupied for a lengthy period may be a possibility;
  • note that some insurers may not cover park home properties (or may charge extra to cover properties) that are in a location well known as being subject to regular flooding;
  • awnings and external fixtures, fittings and contents, may require special cover provisions subject to the insurance provider concerned.

Hopefully some of these points will prove useful in terms of understanding park homes and cheap park home insurance as a concept.