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A Quick Outline of Static Caravan Insurance

Here are a few points that may help provide a snapshot view of typical static caravan insurance and issues associated with it:

  • if you reside in a caravan on a permanent basis and regard it as your home, then typically static caravan insurance will not be suitable for you – that’s because under typical insurance definitions, a static caravan is one that is occupied occasionally for the purposes of leisure (e.g. holidays or weekend breaks etc);
  • not all static caravan insurance may necessarily cover all statics, for example, some insurers may only accept that your caravan meets the definition of a static caravan if it is parked on a formal and licensed site (so, caravans parked in an ordinary field, for example, may not be acceptable to some insurers);
  • for statics, in terms of caravan insurance, UK law does not demand anything specific, however, it may be prudent to consider protecting your interests by taking out cover that may insulate you from the worst of the financial consequences of a disaster hitting your caravan;
  • if you are renting your caravan out (whether to family, friends or professionally), remember to check that your caravan insurance covers such circumstances – some basic cover may not;
  • while thinking about renting out, keep in mind that the law may oblige you to perform certain safety checks and maintenance (around gas appliances) prior to each rental;
  • as litigation is apparently becoming more commonplace in the UK, it may be important to note that someone in your caravan may choose to sue you if they are injured or their property is damaged, as a result of something they believe to be your fault – that may be a particular risk in the case of renting so it might be sensible to ensure you have adequate third party liability cover;
  • if your static caravan is sited on a park known for flooding, you may find that some policies may not cover that risk or they may impose special terms and/or higher premiums;
  • it may be worth looking closely at what a potential caravan policy may offer by way of awnings caravan insurance. UK weather being what it is, it might be useful to have cover for any awning type attachments even if they are subject to some conditions;
  • policies may differ widely in what sort of contents cover they provide – some, for example, may exclude a number of categories of items such as computers, mobile phones, cash, credit cards and jewellery etc;
  • during the winter closed season, it may not only be a good commonsense idea to drain down all your water and heating systems – it may also be a mandatory requirement of your static caravan insurance.