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Cheap Static Caravan Insurance

If, in the past, you have bought your static caravan insurance from your site owner then you may occasionally have wondered if they were selling you cheap static caravan insurance.

The chances are that, even if you did consider it to be cheap static caravan insurance, it may have been impossible for you to be sure that it provided the most appropriate levels of cover for your particular circumstances.

You may not be able to reach a conclusion on that without getting a couple of quotes and comparing what is on offer elsewhere.

It may be a very worthwhile exercise to carry out because contrary to what you may believe, you do not have to buy your static insurance from your site owner. In most cases, you are perfectly at liberty to source your cover wherever you like.

One thing that may be clear though is that while the price of a policy may be important, the actual cover it offers will be what determines whether or not the policy is of interest to you.

What someone else may consider to be cheap and appropriate caravan insurance for them may be neither of these things to you.

Take new for old replacement as an example. You may already be aware that the main criteria for getting a new replacement if your caravan is damaged beyond the point where repairs would make sense, is its age.

You may find that some providers may also insist on you having been the sole owner of the caravan. The new for old replacement that we offer with our caravan insurance products, for caravans up to three years old, does not include this additional stipulation. What’s more, if you have been the sole owner then we may be able to offer a new replacement for caravans up to 5 years old.

We can also provide you with a static caravan insurance quote even if you have made previous claims on your insurance policy.

You may wish to bear in mind too that there may be premium discounts on offer if you are a member of a recognised caravan club or if your caravan is on a site that has a flood-free history. Finding cheap static caravan insurance may be getting easier.