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FAQs on static caravan insurance costs

The subject of the cost of our insurance is of great interest to many of us – especially in these tough economic times.

Here are some frequently asked questions on the subject, with emphasis on static caravans.

Does all static caravan cover offer more or less the same degree of protection?

No – it does not.

To take just one simple example, some policies may exclude all flood risks.  Others may simply do so based upon whether or not your chosen site is prone to flooding and yet other policies may offer relatively unrestricted cover for flooding and related damage.

The only way to be sure whether or not the policy is going to offer you suitable cover is to read it carefully.

An important point to remember with static caravan insurance – cheapest options might not always provide you with the cover you require.

How can I reduce the cost of my insurance?

An obvious approach is to shop around thoroughly and to be sure that you have compared a number of different options in order to find one that is cost-effective.

Something else that is worth thinking about is how you can change aspects of the way you handle your insurance and caravan, which might lead to a reduction in premium.

You might wish to consider:

  • taking a higher excess on the policy;
  • installing additional security devices around your caravan to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism;
  • storing it securely away in a special site over the winter;
  • removing highly valuable contents from the caravan that might increase the cost of your contents cover (some policies might not actually cover such items including things such as cash, jewellery , hi-fi and electronic devices).

Responsible insurance providers such as ourselves at Cover4Caravans will always be willing to offer you advice as to how you might benefit from any particular discounts offered for different behaviours.

Can I live in my static caravan permanently?

This question involves a number of different factors including things such as local authority permissions etc.

Some of these are not directly related to insurance.

In terms of insurance, however, as a general principle a static caravan policy will only cover you for the use of the static in a recreational capacity and for a certain number of weeks each year.

If you decide, for whatever reason, that you need to move permanently or semi-permanently into your caravan, you may be putting your cover at risk.

It is also worth noting that you cannot presume that park home insurance will automatically be the solution. Policies of that type may permit permanent occupation but they may also make certain demands of the site your caravan is located on and local authority formal licensing for permanent residency etc.

If you are considering living in your static caravan for an extended period of time, you should speak with your insurance provider in advance.

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