Getting and Using a Static Caravan Insurance Quote

Depending upon the age of your static caravan, you may expect to see quite different results when you compare one static caravan insurance quote against another.

One possible reason for this may be due to the fact that, when it comes to static caravan insurance, UK providers may use different age-based criteria when working out specific features of caravan cover.

For example, new for old replacement provision may typically be based on criteria relating to the age of your static and the number of owners it has had:


  • some policies may have the age limit set to three years if you have been the sole owner since new;
  • other policies may have a higher age limit of five years, reserving the three year limit for static caravans which have had more than one owner;
  • the value you choose to insure your static for, will determine the level of new for old replacement that you may be eligible for รขโ‚ฌโ€œ as a general rule, the insurance value should reflect the current purchase price of your static caravan.

Differences such as this may have a major effect on your claim, if your static caravan were to be damaged beyond the point where repairing it made economic sense.

You may also wish to bear a couple of points in mind when reviewing your static caravan insurance quote:


  • if your caravan is your primary place of residence then static caravan insurance is not the product you need;
  • specific parkhome insurance policies exist, which take account of the different conditions and values that typically prevail when considering insurance for your permanent rather than your holiday home.

Another area where one static caravan insurance quote may differ from another is in the cover provided for awnings.

Some policies may not cover these at all. Others do though but you may find that this cover may be conditional on you following some common sense precautions.

So, for example, storm damage may only be covered if you are present at your static when it happens. Stowing your awning away, whenever you are not present at your static, may typically therefore only be good practice.

You may also wish to remember that in most cases you are under no obligation to buy your Static Caravan cover from your site owner. They may require to see proof that you are adequately insured before allowing access to their site and they may even charge you an administration fee for processing your policy.

If this is the case, you may find that, provided you have shopped around for your static caravan insurance quote, your own static home policy may still represent a more cost effective option for you.