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Getting cheap cover for your static caravan

You may have a number of options when it comes to fixing yourself up with static caravan cover.

However numerous these options actually may be though, you may typically have only one main aim and that is to find the most suitable level of cover for you and your caravan at the most cost-attractive price.

One way of achieving this may be to let us experts at Cover4Caravans help you to find a policy that is appropriate for you.

We can use your details and our expertise to put together some quotes for you from a variety of static caravan insurance providers.

All you have to do is chose the one you prefer. Don’t worry if you prefer not to use the internet for this type of business as we also run a telephone service.

There may be a few aspects of cover for static caravans that may differ quite significantly from one provider to another and which you may therefore wish to take special note of. These include:

• cover for your awning – not all policies may cover this at all and of those that do, a separate value for your awning may have to be declared. You may additionally find that storm damage cover for open awnings only applies if you were in your caravan at the time the damage happened;

• if you are looking for new for old replacement cover for your static then you may be all too well aware that the age of your caravan may be an important factor in determining the level of cover that may apply. With some providers limiting new for old replacements to caravans under three years old, you may appreciate those policies where the cut-off point is 5 years – provided that you have been the only owner of the static since new;

• check the terms and conditions of your policy to see if you are obliged to take any special actions to improve caravan safety over the winter period. While your caravan insurance may typically still provide cover over the closed winter season, this may be dependent on you having the heating and water systems drained down to reduce risks of frost damage.

A final important point to note which it comes to procuring insurance cover for your static caravan is that in most cases, you are under no obligation to purchase your cover from the site owner.

You are typically free to shop around and find the policy which most appropriately matches your caravan and the way you use it. Even if you are charged a fee by your site owner for “admin purposes” (where they ask for sight of your independently-sourced insurance cover), you could still be quids in!

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