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Static caravan insurance discount options

If you have a static caravan, you may be looking for the most appropriate static caravan insurance without having to break the bank to put it in place.

You may find that there are providers of insurance for touring caravans and statics such as ourselves at Cover4caravans who may be able to offer you opportunities for discounts, which may help you to keep the costs of cover for your caravan as budget-friendly as possible.

Caravan club membership

Some insurance providers may regard belonging to a caravan club as a sign of maturity and responsibility and so may offer caravan club insurance discounts. If may also provide opportunities for you to share experiences and swap tips that may contribute to increased awareness about safety and security concerns.

Tourer security

You may find that the cover provided by some policies may depend on the use of wheel clamps and hitchlocks in particular circumstances when your caravan is left unattended. Taking these common sense steps may play an important part in tourer security by deterring thieves.

You may also find, however, that fitting a tracking device to your tourer may qualify you for a premium discount and make your tourer that bit easier to find if a thief does manage to make off with it.

Even the simple precaution of parking your tourer off the public highway in your driveway, may help to deter thieves and vandals and contribute to the safety of your caravan.

Static safety

The risks that a static caravan may face differ from those of a tourer but it may still be possible to find static caravan insurance offering discounts if:

  • you can use a static site where there is a good history when it comes to being flood free;
  • your static caravan site has a round the clock supervisory presence;
  • your caravan is fitted with an alarm system and approved door and window locks.

You may also find that discounts on your static caravan insurance (or tourer cover) may be available if you can agree to accept a higher excess on your policy. This may mean that, in the event of a claim, you may have to pay a higher amount but you may find this may be more than covered by the reduced premiums up to the point you made the claim.