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Static Caravan Insurance Quote

What is a static caravan insurance quote and what should it typically cover?

The static caravan

A static caravan is one that typically doesn’t do much travelling. It’s parked onto a single location, the wheels (if any) are then jacked off the ground and the caravan securely anchored.

It is typically used for holidays and breaks, amounting to a few weeks or perhaps months over a year as a whole.

It is not permanently occupied nor is it anyone’s permanent place of residence.

These are all-important facets of a typical insurance definition and will be implicit (or perhaps stated more clearly) in a static caravan insurance quote.

We will gladly use our expertise to help you understand whether your particular caravan is covered by the standard static caravan definition.

Your quotation

A static caravan is perhaps not at significant risk of a road traffic accident given that it is largely sited in one place but it does stand at risk in other classic areas.

Therefore, your quotation should typically outline cover for you against:

  • various forms of natural disasters arising from the elements;
  • fire and flood;
  • burglary and theft; and
  • the sometimes-overlooked risks of third party liability claims (where someone holds you responsible for injury or property damages they’ve sustained as a result of your caravan).


Your quotation may also highlight specific things that it wishes to bring to your attention. These may be terms and conditions, exclusions or opportunities – perhaps a mixture of all.

These may be:

  • terms and conditions – the basis of the quotation that’s being put forward and that may include your obligations if you accept the quotation and purchase cover;
  • exclusions – things that the policy will not cover;
  • opportunities – some policies may offer cost reductions if you take certain actions such as fitting alarms etc.

It is sometimes easy to regard these as ‘the small print’ and to skip over them. That may be a mistake and it’s typically advisable to read these conditions etc closely.


Once you have read your static caravan insurance quote and considered how it may apply to your specific situation, then you’re ready to make your selection and purchase the insurance. Or, if you prefer, why not call one of our friendly Cover4caravans team, who will be happy to help you find appropriate cover?