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Static caravans equal luxury holiday homes

For some, the image of a static caravan is still that of the 1950s and 1960s.

These images are much beloved in British culture and for people above a certain age, still the subject of nostalgia over childhood holidays etc.

Yet nostalgia and the past is exactly where such images belong.  Today, the static caravan is typically no longer something of an endurance test and only a very basic level up from rudimentary camping.

Some of the static caravans today are designed and built to an extraordinarily high and comfortable standard.  Many contain fully equipped kitchens, bathroom/WCs, comfortable and extremely stylishly fitted lounges and multiple individual bedrooms.

Double glazing and central heating is also now becoming relatively commonplace.

As this might suggest, things such as the early morning trek to the local toilet and shower block are now largely the stuff of history. Many modern caravans are fully connected to all mains services and are really a home-away-from-home.

In fact, they are so comfortable that some people choose to make them their permanent or semi-permanent place of residence.  However, while that may be perfectly possible in a comfortable living sense it is worth paying attention to the particular insurance issues that might arise in such circumstances.

A typical static caravan insurance policy is written based upon the assumption that the static is being used for recreational purposes only during a few weeks each year.  However high quality and comfortable your static is, if you move into it permanently you might be putting any existing cover you have at risk.

In such circumstances, you should have a conversation with your insurance provider at the earliest opportunity. Don’t presume that you simply need park home insurance, as such policies may only be valid in situations where your site is formally licenced by your local authority and approved for permanent occupation.

Of course, the increased value and comfort of modern day statics also means that many owners are particularly keen to protect them through appropriate insurance policies.  Try to remember that with static caravan insurance, cheapest options might not always be suitable for your individual situation or offer the degree of protection you might require.

Given the sums of money you may have invested in one of the new generation of statics, it might make sense to spend a little time looking around for a policy that will offer you the degree of protection your caravan justifies.

It’s a small effort to make in order to protect that special holiday home!