Looking For Cheap Touring Caravan Insurance?

If you are looking at an advertisement for cheap touring caravan insurance, it might be advisable to look closely at just what is on offer.

That’s because you very probably already have a large chunk of your money tied up in your touring caravan and having inappropriate touring caravan insurance just might be tantamount to gambling with that same money.

The bottom line, of course, is that when it comes to insurance, you may find that there is a relationship between the breadth and quality of cover that is on offer and the price you are paying.

Cheap or good value for money?

In general terms, what someone else considers to be cheap caravan insurance may – depending upon subsequent circumstances and events – not prove to be cheap for you at all.

It is also usually a good idea to examine closely not only the cover that a policy provides, but also its terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are sometimes inaccurately portrayed in popular myth as existing to justify bureaucracy and ‘red tape’. It may be potentially dangerous to believe this and simply to ignore these conditions.

They exist to define the respective responsibilities of both parties and they may have a material effect on your ability to successfully claim against your policy in due course.

If you are considering a policy that describes itself as “cheap touring caravan insurance”, it may be highly advisable to check the terms and conditions (and exclusions) to ensure that the policy is providing you with a cover framework you require.

The question becomes one of what exactly cheap touring caravan insurance means for you? To some caravanners getting a “cheap” policy may merely mean getting cover for the lowest price available. But to others, while conscious of price, they may be more concerned with checking policy details to make sure that they are getting value for money. Good value for money becomes paramount.

Whichever kind of insurance shopper you are, you may wish to bear in mind what you are actually getting for your money before you settle on a policy.

So, what’s involved in finding cheap touring caravan insurance?

If you are looking for cheap touring caravan insurance, then shopping around for quotes may be a useful way to find what you consider is the most suitable cover and at an attractive price.

You may think that getting quotes for or applying for caravan cover may be time-consuming. However, do not worry! We make it easy for you to get quotes for touring caravan insurance.

Just have all the information that you may need in front of you when you call us or go online to look for cover, for a quick, efficient process.

We have professional and friendly staff who can help you in your quest to find cheap touring caravan insurance, with cost-effective policies that may typically be matched to your needs.

For example, if you consider some aspects of our touring caravan insurance, you may be impressed to see that:

  • we will offer you a quotation even if you have previously had claims against your caravan insurance policy; and
  • if something happens to your touring caravan and it is up to five years old, then after claim approval, we will offer you a new-for-old replacement – even if your caravan has had multiple previous owners (unlike some insurers who may only do so if you have had your caravan since new).

These are just two examples, but we hope the principle is clear – it may be important that you focus on finding cover that is meaningful to the way you live your life and use your caravan, rather than search exclusively for cheap touring caravan insurance.

So, what might an insurance provider want to know when you apply or get a quote for insurance for caravans?

Information about yourself

  • whether applying online for a quote or on the telephone, the sort of information you’ll need to give may include your name, your address including your postcode, your telephone number, your age, and who will be using the caravan;

Information about the caravan

  • in addition to finding out information about you, you’ll also need to give some details about the touring caravan itself – for instance, the make model and age of the caravan may be relevant to its insurability and the cost of the premium. You may also need to give a rough estimate of its value;
  • have you got a wheel clamp and a hitchlock? If not, these security items may be worth looking into before you go shopping for insurance, as some caravan cover providers may insist that these are fitted as minimum requirements – no doubt you are fond of your caravan, which means that a thief would be keen to steal it too;

Information about where the caravan is kept

  • finally, details about where your caravan will be kept may have a bearing on the cost of your touring caravan cover;
  • you may find that the more secure the location is, the more attractive the prices that are offered to you may be. For example, we offer discounts up to 15% for caravans stored at a CaSSOA-approved site.

Getting a quote or applying for what you hope will be cheap touring caravan insurance can often be a quick and easy process. And with the support of our team here, you know that you can call on us if you need help or furhter information.

Reading between the lines of your touring caravan insurance quote

In recent years, the insurance industry has tried hard to simplify and make clearer your understanding of a basic caravan insurance quotation. Yet even with these improvements, it may still be necessary to read your touring caravan insurance quote carefully to decide whether or not it is likely to be suitable for your needs.

That will enable you to reach an informed decision as to which insurance to purchase.

Getting a quotation from some providers might prove more difficult than it seems. They may decline to offer you a quotation, for example, if you have previously claimed on a caravan insurance policy. By contrast, we will be more than happy to give you a quote, even if you do have such a claims history.

The typical touring caravan insurance quote often contains a wealth of information other than the bottom line price. The suitability of the cover is almost always more important than the price of the premiums alone.

How can you tell?

That is a difficult question because it depends so much upon your personal circumstances, the nature of your caravan and your own personal views as to what you expect by way of protection.

To give an example, we are proud of the provisions in all our policies that offer a replacement caravan on a new-for-old basis (following claim approval) for a caravan that is up to five years old – even if it has had several prior owners before you purchased it. You may find, however, that some other insurers may only do so if you have been the sole owner of the caravan since it was new.

That is an illustration of just one of the differences that you may find between our touring caravan insurance policies and those of others. What nobody can tell you is how important such differences are to you and how much value you place upon each of them.

In a nutshell, that is why it is so important to study your touring caravan insurance quote carefully and to review what it is offering against the backdrop of your caravan and the way you use it. Doing so with our quotations may show you the quality of the cover we can offer.

Can we help?

Finally, please remember that we are always on hand to help, whether you wish to speak to us about a caravan insurance quote or if you have any questions about new or existing cover. Please do not hesitate to telephone us on 01702 606301 and one of our team will be delighted to help.