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Places to take your tourer in Europe: Spain

Spain is a beautiful but also vast country.  Don’t even think about trying to cover huge distances in a typical holiday’s duration but instead concentrate on specific areas.

Here are a few ideas for an itinerary but also keep in mind that if you have any doubts about your insurance cover for European touring, get some appropriate touring caravan insurance quotes before you depart.

Catalonia (Catalunya)

If you’re heading to Spain, the northern coast is geographically the closest to the UK but even at the height of summer, you can’t be entirely sure that you’re going to get 100% good weather.

If warmth is important to you, you might wish to head towards eastern and southern Spain by crossing the border near Perpignan in the south of France and entering the Catalonia region.

Driving along the Mediterranean Coast will give you the opportunity to see some great sites – and no, they are not all very touristy and commercialised!


Not far over the French border, you’ll come across this absolutely beautiful little fishing village.

Comprising largely picturesque whitewashed buildings overlooking the Mediterranean, it will show you a part of Spain that you might have thought had ceased to exist.

Caution – access to the centre can be difficult for cars and virtually impossible if you are towing a caravan.


This is a pretty town and again not far from the French border.  It is world-famous for the Salvador Dali museum – this was his home town.


Heading south from Figueres along the coast, you’ll find the major Roman town of Empuries, which has some very interesting ruins and remains to explore.

It overlooks the Mediterranean showing once again, just how the ancient world was as aware of location, location, location, as we are!

Gerona (Girona)

This is an ancient city and one that is extremely attractive in terms of its old town and some of the incredible buildings that lie alongside the main river.

Once again, it’s not well suited to towed caravans and even cars can be a bit of an issue in its older streets. So, where possible, use public transport to get into the centre.

There is some lovely countryside surrounding it and many people bypass the town entirely in their rush to get the beaches or mountains.

That’s a great pity because it’s a fascinating place to explore and you’ll find some really authentic Catalan cuisine here.


This is one of the world’s great cities and a marvellous place of culture and excitement and of course it also benefits from having the beautiful Mediterranean on its doorstep.

You must visit the old town, the cathedral and the stunning Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi. The Picasso museum is also a must if you like modern art.

Tip – Yet again, avoid trying to take your caravan anywhere near the centre of town, as the traffic can be hectic. Park up and ride in instead.

In summary, you’ll only be scratching the surface of Catalonia but it just might whet your appetite to come back again and try other parts of it.